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Map Resources

Timber Compartments

This is a map of the Ponderosa Timber Compartments of the Hualapai Reservation. A Georeferenced PDF is available for use in mapping apps like Avenza.

compartments 7723 small.JPG

Roads on the Hualapai Reservation

This is a map of the major and minor roads in the Hualapai Reservation.


Operations Map Hualapai

This is a map of the Hualapai Reservation used as the Operations Map for Forestry.


West Side Map

This is a map of the West Side of the Hualapai Reservation.


East Side Map

This is a map of the East Side of the Hualapai Reservation.


Water Structure Map

This is the water structure map of the Hualapai Reservation showing locations of open water tanks, enclosed water tanks, earth dam tanks, pipelines, valves, vents, and hydrants. Also included are road systems in the general area.

water structure small.JPG

Peach Springs

This is a map of Peach Springs, AZ on the Hualapai Reservation with street names and address numbers.

peach springs little.jpg


This is a map of the Hualapai Roads System 2023

roads little.jpg

C13 RX 2023 


Map of the C13 RX Burn

Screenshot C13 RX NEW 11292023.jpg


This map shows Emergency LZ Location identified on the Hualapai Reservation. Please note that only a small number of landing locations do have an actual helipad constructed. These sites will have to be constantly evaluated for soil conditions and clearance of obstructive vegetation.

lz location small.jpg

C7 Marking

Acreage for Timber Marking activities within Compartment 7.

C7 small.jpg


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